We pickup and recycle your

We will pick up your plastic bag recycling, just like cardboard and other plastics. It is simple, cheap, convenient—and the right thing to do.

See what we recycle
One step closer to Zero Waste

Each year, more than 10 billion pounds of plastic film goes to incineration, the landfills or to the ocean. Let's change that.

We work with warehouses, businesses and apartment buildings. We do one-time pickups too!


Recycle plastic film throughout your supply chain

We help you fulfill your sustainability goals, so you can focus on delivering to your clients.

We match the cost of your trash pickup service. Get an easy win that makes your operations greener and more competitive. It is simple, cheap, convenient — and the right thing to do.

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Want a cost-benefit analysis of recycling plastic film?

Tell us how much plastic film you have. We will calculate the impact on the environment — and on your wallet.

Businesses Organizations

For businesses and organizations

We match the existing costs of your waste management services so that your overall costs stay the same.

Swap out some of your trash bins for plastic film recycling ones. Less will end up in the landfill, more will be recycled. You will pay less for your trash services and the saved costs go toward your plastic film recycling subscription. It is that simple.

We give you a two-month free subscription, measure your recycling volume and tailor your subscription plan to your needs.

We recycle:
1Pallet wraps
2Shipping wraps
3Bubble wrap
4Air pillows
5Shipping envelopes
6Furniture wrap
8Product wrap
9Fixture wrap
10Window film
Buildings Homes

Sign up your home or apartment building for a subscription

Only available in limited zip codes in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

We'll talk to your building's management!

Not sure how to get your building started? Give us your building's management details. We will contact them on your behalf.

* You can also contact them and add us on cc (info@plastic-bag-recycling.com).

Home Plan
$10 per month

Pickup is once a month. You get a text notification the day before reminding to put the bin outside.

Building Plan
$2.50 per apartment / month

Need help convincing your neighbors? We will give you a two-month free trial. Discounts available for large buildings.

1Amazon Shipping envelopes 2Product wrap 3Air pillows 4Bubble wrap 5Shipping wrap 6Grocery store bags

One-time pickup

Our one-time pickups services are perfect for that one time you get a lot of plastic film. This could be after an event, a major relocation or after receiving a large shipment.

Tell us about what you have and we'll get back to you with a quote.

One time pickup

From plastic bags to outdoor decks

Trex Decks

50% used plastic
50% waste wood

Trex Decks

From plastic bags to outdoor decks

We partner with Trex to turn recycled plastic film and bags into beautiful decking material. They are based nearby in Virginia. Trex recycles about 30 million pounds of polyethylene each month. They are an eco-conscious, eco-certified local partner that we can trust.

Trex Logo

What you can and can't recycle

You can recycle bags, wraps, pouches, plastic film and anything with the plastic bag recycling label on it. Plastic film has to be clean and dry. We will provide your building with detailed signage and guides about what can and can't be recycled.

Recyclable Air Pillows
Not Recyclable Salad Bags
Recyclable Bubble Wrap
Not Recyclable chips
Recyclable Pallet Wrap
Recyclable furniture Wrap
Not Recyclable Candy
Recyclable Grocery Bags
Not Recyclable saran
Recyclable Cereal Box Liner
Recyclable diapers
Recyclable Bakery
Recyclable Dry Cleaning Bags
Recyclable Bread Bags
Recyclable Toilet paper wrap
Recyclable Prime
Recyclable Newspaper
Recyclable produce
Recyclable Boat Wrap
Recyclable Sanitary Pad
Recyclable Potato
Recyclable Ziploc bags
Recyclable Water bottles
Recyclable Recycle Label
You can check Plastic Film Recycling and How2Recycle for more details.

About us

A social impact startup out of Washington, DC.

What started as an eco-friendly hustle to recycle plastic film for my building has turned into a social impact business. We know plastic bags are bad for the environment. If we can't get rid of them, we might as well make it easy for ourselves—and for everyone—to recycle them.

Our mission

Plastic bag recycling is for the eco-conscious. We are taking it mainstream.

Our mission is to make plastic bag recycling easy and convenient for every DC resident.

Plastic film keeps accumulating, from shipping envelopes to Amazon bubble pads and grocery bags. Reducing and Reusing are the ideal solutions, but it's hard to stop using all types of plastic film. Unfortunately normal recycling companies don't recycle plastic bags because they are hard to recycle. The bags clog the gears of recycling machines.

But recycling plastic bags is possible. It only requires different, dedicated equipment. The missing piece of the puzzle has been large-scale collection. Right now in the District, you must take your plastic bags to specific grocery stores for recycling. It's inconvenient and most people don't do it. We will make it convenient—and scalable—by organizing collection where people live and work. Then we transport the bags to a dedicated recycling facility in Virginia.


Mireille Raad, Founder

You too can make a difference!

Sign up your building or your work and tell a friend. Contact at info@plastic-bag-recycling.com if you want to talk or need any resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pick up the bins once every two weeks. We give you two to three bins to accommodate the amount of plastic film that your building generates.

If your recycling area is very small and can't accommodate the bins, we will pick up your recycling more often. In this case, the pick-up schedule will be tailored to the needs of your building.

We are getting started in DC, but soon, plastic bag recycling will be available in Virginia and Maryland.

We work with your building's management company or with you directly to get access to the building's recycling area. We also set up an automated monthly payment for your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. No fees.

Yes! We can work with businesses and organizations. We tailor our services and pricing to match the volume of plastic film that is generated.

Yes! we can meet with representatives of your building or with the management company. We will go over how the subscription works and how to make sure residents know what to put in the bins.