Recycling Guide

What you can and can't recycle

You can recycle bags, wraps, pouches, plastic film and anything with the plastic bag recycling label on it. Plastic film has to be clean and dry. We will provide your building with detailed signage and guides about what can or cannot be recycled.

Recyclable Air Pillows
Not Recyclable Salad Bags
Recyclable Bubble Wrap
Not Recyclable chips
Recyclable furniture Wrap
Not Recyclable Candy
Recyclable Grocery Bags
Recyclable Cereal Box Liner
Recyclable diapers
Recyclable Bakery
Recyclable Dry Cleaning Bags
Recyclable Bread Bags
Recyclable Toilet paper wrap
Recyclable Prime
Recyclable Newspaper
Recyclable produce
Recyclable Boat Wrap
Recyclable Sanitary Pad
Recyclable Potato
Recyclable saran
Recyclable Ziploc bags
Recyclable Water bottles
Recyclable Recycle Label
You can check Plastic Film Recycling and How2Recycle for more details.